5 Reasons To Install a Bimini Top On Your Cricket Golf Cart

A bimini top is an essential accessory for any Cricket golf cart. Not only does it protect from the sun and rain, but it also adds a touch of style to your vehicle.

Installing a bimini top can be a relatively simple task you can do yourself with minimal effort and cost. With the right materials and tools, you’ll be able to install your bimini top in no time at all!

Here are some great reasons why installing a bimini top on your Cricket golf cart is worth considering.

More Storage Space

Adding a bimini top to your Cricket golf cart can provide additional storage space that you may not have had before. The top of the cart is often underutilized, and adding a bimini top opens the possibility of storing more items in an easy-to-access area. This is especially helpful for trips where there may be a need for more storage space.

Sun and Rain Protection

A bimini top can also provide much-needed protection from the sun and rain when you’re on the course or riding around your neighborhood. The canopy will help keep you cool in hot weather and protect you from getting wet in the rain. This is especially useful for those sensitive to the sun or rain.

A Bimini Top Provides Extra Protection

When it comes to safety, installing a bimini top on your Cricket golf cart can provide passengers with extra in the event of an accidental collision. The canopy can act as a shield and help reduce the impact of any crashes, minimizing potential injuries and damage.

 As an added bonus, the bimini top can also deflect flying debris or small rocks, which may otherwise cause damage to the cart or its passengers.

Keep Dust and Debris At Bay

A bimini top can also help prevent dust and debris from entering the driver’s area while driving. This is especially beneficial in areas with high wind speeds or dirt and sand. The canopy acts as a barrier, trapping any airborne particles before they reach the driver’s seat, steering wheel, and other parts of the cart.

Great For Nighttime Rides

Installing a bimini top on your Cricket golf cart can enhance visibility during nighttime rides. The canopy acts as a shield, blocking out the glare of headlights from other vehicles and providing extra light that may be needed when driving in darkness. 

Additionally, many bimini tops come with reflective strips or patches designed to increase visibility in low-light conditions.

This is especially helpful for drivers who may need extra help seeing the terrain or obstacles encountered on their journey. Installing a bimini top on your Cricket golf cart can provide the perfect balance between protection, storage space, and enhanced visibility.

Outfit Your Cricket Golf Cart With a Bimini Top

As you can see, a bimini top is a great investment. With the right tools, you can outfit your Cricket golf cart with this accessory in no time.