5 Safety Tips When Driving a Golf Cart

Golf carts serve as essential means of transportation for many golfers. Navigating the wide expanse of a golf course on a cart gives a golfer a better experience while playing and provides them with so much convenience. Golf carts are not only beneficial for the golf course. They can also be used as disability transport or transportation to a college campus, festivals, sports events, outbuildings, and other places. While there are numerous benefits of golf carts, it is also helpful if you know how to use them properly. Read along to discover five safety reminders when you operate your motorized vehicle.

Seat Belt

Does your cart have seatbelts? Always remember to use your seatbelt, even if you think there are no imminent dangers when you’re using your vehicle. Your cart does not have the speed of a regular vehicle, but you must still be cautious. The cart you’re using might also not be equipped with all the safety features like other vehicles. Using a seatbelt prevents you from being ejected from the vehicle and minimizes other types of risks.

Stay Inside

You must always stay inside when you’re driving your golf cart. You must also remind your passengers in the cart to keep their feet, legs, hands, and arms inside the vehicle when you’re driving around.

Limit Passengers

Golf carts are constructed in all sizes, but they should never be overcrowded. It can be hazardous if your cart has too many passengers. Keep in mind that golf carts should have no more than two passengers and enough room for your golf equipment.

Avoid Distractions

As a responsible driver, you must try to avoid all types of distractions. While you’re driving at low speeds in your golf cart, you might not think you could have an accident. However, an accident can happen if you’re not focused on your driving. Even the smallest distraction could cause you to have an accident when you’re operating your golf cart. Try to avoid texting or frequently checking your phone to avoid accidents.

Avoid Drinking and Driving

The most common golf cart accidents are caused by drivers who drink and drive. While it is usual for golfers to have drinks when playing golf, they can become too intoxicated to operate a vehicle. Driving while intoxicated is against the law and you can also get arrested for breaking the law. Furthermore, your drunk driving can also increase the risk of an accident with another golf cart driver. So, if you’re planning on drinking, it is best for you to not drive your golf cart. 

Key Takeaway

Once you sit inside a golf cart, you might not be aware of the safety rules that you must follow. Fortunately, there are crucial tips that you can learn about to make you and your passengers safe when you’re inside your vehicle.

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