Cricket Carts Accessories

Customize your Cricket and make it ready for your next adventure with our line of Cricket accessories.


Now that you’ve found your perfect Cricket Cart, it’s time to take it to the next level and add some accessories! Cricket Cart mini golf carts are practically perfect as is, but our add-ons allow you to create the mini golf cart of your dreams! 


Cricket Cart Accessories Allow You To:

* tailor transportation of your cart to your specifications

* ride in the outdoor elements with comfort

* jam out to your favorite tunes with a powerful soundbar

* personalize colors and style with two-tone seating

* increase safety by adding extra mirrors 

* store your cart with confidence with covers 


There is no limit to how you use your Cricket Cart mini golf cart, which is why we offer a range of accessories that adapt your cart to your lifestyle! Whether you use your cart for work or play, Captain Carts has the perfect accessories to make your ride extraordinary!


Why upgrade your Cricket Cart by adding accessories? 

* better protection in storage

* to broaden your use of your cart

* for a more comfortable ride

* because you LOVE to personalize your Cricket Cart!


Captain Carts offers an extensive range of accessories built to be installed on your Cricket Cart! Our team is ready to help you find exactly what you are looking for when making your cart your own. 


Level up with Captain Carts mini golf cart accessories and ride in style!

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