Campground Golf Cart Games Your Crew Will Enjoy

Many of us take our golf carts on the road to use at campgrounds for motorized fun. However, golf carts don’t only make transportation around campgrounds simpler; they can also add social elements that make our camping experience more enjoyable. Whether you are camping out with your friends or family or meeting up with other golf cart owners at the campground, your crew will have a blast playing one or more of the following campground golf cart games. Let’s roll on to learn more!

First Things First; Safety

Before heading out into golf cart game fun, we must address golf cart safety. While these campground golf cart games are competitive, you should always put safety first when playing. Golf carts should be driven responsibly and at the speed limits set by the campground to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time. Always check the campground rules for golf cart use before you play any golf cart games. Feel free to adjust these games to meet your needs at campgrounds or any public or private location.

Golf Cart Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always fun for any age group. Put together a list of things the participants must find around your campground to win. Give each game participant a list of clues, or a map, to lead them to the items where they will take selfies before moving on to the next. The first team to return to the gathering location with a selfie of every item on the list wins. Golf cart scavenger hunts can be as simple or complex as you like; it’s all about the thrill of the hunt!

Golf Cart Parade And Decorating Contest

Bring some excitement to the campground and get the kids involved with a golf cart parade and decorating contest everyone will enjoy. Campers with carts can use what they find around their site to decorate or go all out and purchase decorations for the event. Set the date and time and watch the fun unfold as carts line up on parade day. Designate a panel of judges to choose who wins the silly contests for decorations and a grand prize winner for the best-decorated cart. Encourage parade participants to dress up in costumes that fit their golf cart’s theme to add to the entertainment.

Golf Cart Poker Run

Poker runs can be a great way to raise funds for a local charity or involve no money. A golf cart poker run at the campground is a way to mix and mingle with fellow campers. Here’s what you need to do to set up a golf cart poker run at the campground or even in your neighborhood:

  • Determine several locations throughout the campground where people can gather.
  • Hide playing cards at each location for the participants to find once everyone has arrived. 
  • As the participants cruise from one spot to the next, they keep their cards and try to make a winning poker hand. 
  • Everyone reveals their poker hands at the last location, and a winner is declared. 

The golf cart poker run can be followed up by having refreshments and fellowship at a predetermined location. Consider asking all participants to bring a dish or snack to share.

Final Thoughts

Golf cart games can be tons of fun for you and your crew at the campground. These games encourage socializing with fellow campers and creating memorable experiences together!