Cricket Carts – Three Top Use Cases

Cricket carts are neat functional and portable small vehicles for short range transportation. Our customers benefit from getting something that’s durable and works well, but also has a lighter footprint and can be taken many places that larger carts or vehicles might not go.

So let’s talk a bit today about some of the ways that our customers use these small, lightweight vehicles.


A campground is an excellent example of a way to use a Cricket cart to get around effectively outdoors.

Most campgrounds actually have infrastructure for the carts, including paved trails and level spaces. They might even have charging ports. Some of them offer their own rentals, but bringing your own vehicle is usually an option.

A campground is also a great example because it’s the type of place where you need to walk, but you don’t need to walk too far. So having a Cricket cart just adds a ton of convenience to those short trips – down to the beach and back, up to the campground store and back. You wouldn’t necessarily fire up your car or truck to make those trips but when the Cricket cart is available, it’s an excellent alternative.

Getting Around the Neighborhood

Many of us live in relatively safe neighborhood spaces in the suburbs. Some have cul-de-sacs or quiet side roads with almost no vehicle traffic. Some have wide shoulders that are perfect for safe Cricket cart operation. It’s advisable not to operate Cricket carts in small tight shoulder areas where you get a lot of high-speed traffic, though.

That being said, the Cricket cart can be an alternative way to get around your neighborhood on those short trips to offer neighbors items, or to borrow items from neighbors, or to share information – whatever your mission is on a given day.

It’s also a great way for seniors to fight the isolation of living at home and feeling stuck inside of the house. With the right safety care and precautions, this can be an excellent way to broaden your horizons in your neighborhood.

Beach and Pool

Taking the kids to the beach or the pool is more fun with a Cricket cart. Lots of our customers use these to get from a near beachfront property to a beach area and back. Some people use them practically every day!

Why use Captain Carts?

We are a certified dealer in Cricket cart models with a track record of maintenance and service. That means we have the capability to really help you narrow down your shopping and deal with the total cost of ownership after you have purchased a Cricket cart. Get connected to pros who can help you to manage these versatile assets.