ESV cricket mini cart

The Cricket RX5 is a collapsible mini golf cart that is perfect for Equestrian folks and RV enthusiasts that want to take a golf cart along for the ride.


When you need an efficient and convenient mini golf cart, the Cricket ESV is a small but mighty option. The folding ESV mini cart measures around 50 inches long ( 28 inches when folded) and 32 inches wide, making transportation and storage a breeze! 


Our compact Cricket ESV is a two-seater mini golf cart with a metal basket attachment in the back to provide ample room for hauling personal items such as supplies, tools, equipment, and more. You won’t have to worry about the durability of the Cricket ESV; this mini cart is a workhorse that carries a 600-pound capacity which gives you the freedom to use it for your toughest jobs and personal pleasure.


Use your Cricket ESV Mini Golf Cart:



– compact and handy for use on farms, in arenas, and landscapers and other jobs 

– ferry people, goods, and equipment at rodeos and events

– perform tasks that require hauling and transporting


*Perosnal Transportation:

– for leisure activities, taking families to the beach or community events, and enjoying the great outdoors

– for people with minor mobility issues 



– pack in RV to take on camping trips for mobility around the campground 

– transport firewood, ice, and other supplies with ease

– use for hauling fishing gear and other outdoor equipment 


Grab your Cricket ESV mini golf cart now!

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You’ll enjoy your ESV so much that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

ESV Specifications

Direct drive through 19:1 reduction gearbox

Single 36 volt 800 watt motor

Two 12 volt 70 amp AGM sealed heavy duty batteries

Pro-Charging Marine Grade 6 amp charger, when batteries reach 100 percent charged, charger goes in to trickle charge mode. You can not over charge batteries.

28″ Tall x 32″ wide and 50″ long

303 lbs with batteries

Single dynamic electromagnetic braking, once cart comes to a complete stop, at parking brake is applied.

600 lbs

8 to 10 MPH

2 people

Tubeless 13″ x 6.5″ x 6″