Golf Cart Won’t Go? Trouble Shooting Tips For Your Cart’s Battery

Golf carts make life better in many ways. We use golf carts for personal transportation, recreation, work, and getting around the golf course. But like any other motorized vehicle, golf carts must be maintained to keep us rolling.

If you own a battery-powered golf cart, you may have learned the hard way that batteries don’t last forever. It can be a hassle to make it to your destination and have your cart towed back due to a bad battery. While a golf cart can have other electrical issues that cause it to work improperly, when one suddenly refuses to fire up and go, it is usually due to a bad or dead battery.

Here are a few simple checks you can perform to determine if your golf cart battery is the reason your cart loses power or won’t go.

Battery Charged Correctly

Before you assume that your cart’s batter is bad, check to see if it was charged correctly before you took it out for a spin. By plugging it back into the charger and following the instructions, you can determine if the problem is with the charger. You should see an indicator light if the charger is charging the battery. Once the battery has been charged all night, try driving your cart and see if the problem has been solved.

Issues With The Battery Terminals

To check the battery terminals, open your cart’s battery compartment and ensure the terminals are tightly connected. Even the slightest loose terminals can cause problems, so ensure they are all firmly attached. Tighten the cables if you detect any movement, and try charging your golf cart again.

Acid Levels In The Battery

Check if your golf cart batteries are sealed lead-acid batteries or if caps are on the top. If caps or lids are on the top of the battery, open them and check the cells inside to ensure you see fluid. The fluid in the cells is acid, so be careful not to make contact with it. If the acid levels need to be topped off, only fill it slightly above the batter cells using distilled water.

Decreased Power / Output

A sign that your battery may have seen better days is if it doesn’t hold a charge like you are used to it doing. Also, you may need a new battery if your golf cart struggles to go up inclines or drives slower even at full throttle. Golf cart batteries don’t last forever, so if you’ve checked off all the boxes and your cart is still not staying charged, it may be time for a new battery.

Final Thoughts

Depending on your golf cart’s battery type, you could go a few years without changing it out. Always check to ensure your battery is charging correctly and that you follow the charging instructions to ensure the battery stays in good shape. Stay charged, and have fun driving your Cricket Cart!