What You Get With Cricket Mini Carts

Personal transportation is a growing industry. Along with our cars, trucks, and SUVs, many of us enjoy local travel on small personal vehicles. These are very useful, for example, for getting around a large estate, traveling throughout a big facility like a theme park, or making your way around a local community or nature area. If you want to just easily zoom down to a central point on a property, you don’t need to get in a car or truck. You need a Cricket Mini Cart. Cricket has several models to choose from; the Cricket ESV Mini Cart, SX3, or RX5 cart.

Local navigation is great for a wide range of business areas that are open to customers, suppliers, and others. That makes mini carts a key part of many businesses and a high-value personal asset as well. Our customers enjoy the convenience of having late-model carts in good working order for whatever they are doing or offering to others on their property.

The Appeal of Cricket Mini Carts

We carry a variety of high-end Cricket carts, including Cricket ESV, SX3, and RX5 cart models. Look to Captain Cricket Carts for Cricket ESV cart models . These innovative machines can get you where you need to go with energy efficiency and convenience. We stand behind these products. We are confident that you will get a lot of use out of a Cricket mini cart over many years.


When you’re looking for the best Cricket cart, you want a combination of excellent design and good maintenance. You’ll want to think about your total cost of ownership and how you will maintain these vehicles over time. You may also want to think about wheelbase and size in general.

Captain Cricket Carts is a business headed by an engineer who understands mini cart design. We keep the necessary parts on hand to help keep these vehicles in perfect condition for the trail ahead. Whether it’s a driveway or parking lot, a grassy knoll, or any other kind of surface, when you have the right combination of design and maintenance – you’re on solid ground!

We also offer competitive warranties on these vehicles to assure our customers that there getting something equivalent to a factory-direct product.

After all, if your Cricket cart doesn’t work, and work well, for that matter, what’s the point of having it around? Quality is something that’s critically important in this business, and we make it a cornerstone of our success.

Cricket Carts and Short-Term Travel

These vehicles are different from what you get at an auto dealership. They’re for comfortable, short trips around a single property or local area.

The engineering is different, too. You want a shop that understands how these neat carts are made and how their design contributes to what you experience when you ride around in them. Turn to Captain Cricket Carts for great sales and service on these types of assets.