The Golf Cart, Much More Than A Ball Chaser

When you think of golf carts, you may imagine golfers cruising over the greens from one hole to the next. Golf carts have certainly made the game of golf more fun and accessible to people who would otherwise not enjoy or be able to endure the slog through the course. Fortunately, golf carts have driven off the course and into the driveways, motorcoaches, and hearts of non-golfers across the U.S.A., making everything from work to play more efficient and enjoyable.

People have found plenty of reasons for owning a golf cart that has nothing to do with chasing a ball. Golf carts, specifically Cricket Carts, have customization options that offer copious ways for owners to meet almost limitless needs. Let’s look at some of the most popular ways you can use your Cricket Cart, save gas and accomplish your goals.

Easy, Effective, Fun Personal Transportation

Golf carts are designed for personal transportation. Due to the rise in the popularity of golf carts used for private vehicles, local municipalities have begun to relax or create laws that govern the use of golf carts on public roads and in public spaces. In various scenarios, people can now legally and safely enjoy easy, effective, and fun golf cart personal transportation. Some of the more popular ways to use your Cricket Cart for a personal vehicle include:

  • neighborhood transit
  • local shopping excursions
  • transport family to the park, beach, and nearby activities
  • farm transportation

Adventure & Sport Transportation

Golf carts are quieter than many off-road vehicles, making them perfect partners in adventure and sporting outings. Carts offer customization options for storing various equipment and gear, like roof racks and all-terrain tires, allowing owners to outfit their carts for personal needs. Upgrade your golf cart to include a rear flip seat and space for a cooler, and you are off on your journey in comfort and style. Take your Cricket Cart and be comfortable on adventures like:

  • hunting
  • off-road sight-seeing
  • finding the best fishing spots
  • camping
  • gardening

Event Transportation

Easy for people to get on and off, a golf cart makes it safe for you to move people to where they need to be safely and efficiently. A golf cart is designed to transport people and their items, including bags and luggage. Easily maneuvering through paths larger vehicles could not traverse, golf carts can pass through narrow spaces and use off-road trails. With your Cricket Cart, you can deliver guests and customers right to the action at:

  • weddings
  • sporting and entertainment events
  • corporate events
  • community events
  • parades and festivals
  • school graduations and sports

Work Is Easier With A Golf Cart

Golf carts can help you get almost any job completed with ease. A golf cart can make work easier, more efficient, and fun, whether used in large manufacturing or agricultural settings to move people from one place to another quickly or in smaller facilities to easily maneuver around stock and storage spaces. You can use your Cricket Cart to transport people, products, tools, and more for work like:

  • farming
  • rodeos
  • property management
  • manufacturing / corporate transportation
  • small businesses
  • marina/resort management

The Golf Cart, Much More Than A Ball Chaser

While golf carts will always be a personal transportation staple on the courses across the country, due to their customizable designs, efficiency, and maneuverability, they have become valuable assets off the greens.